bookworm221b replied to your post: Now I want You Got Mail AU where Kurt DOESN’T play Meg Ryan.

OR can we put Blaine and Kurt in movies that don’t really have a female love interest? Can we put them in The A-Team,The Losers, The Expendables? Can we put them action movies where bromances are awesome? Can they be Holmes & Watson?Kurt is Sherlock.
this is a good idea i must say
  1. bookworm221b said: Thank you. I like the action movies and feel all left out and stuff when the fandom plays in the romantic comedy AUs and leaves out the shoot em ups. Action movies also tend to have more competent characters, & I have a think for competency porn.
  2. happipuutarha said: Blaine would make the most amazing, enthusiastic Watson. Or grumpy Watson. Either. Both.