hummythesonarchive-deactivated2: Now I want You Got Mail AU where Kurt DOESN'T play Meg Ryan.

YES PLZ. I want all of the AUs where Kurt doesn’t play the girl. Let Kurt be Jack Dawson, Prince Charming, or JGL in 500 days of Zooey Deschanel. LET HIM SWEEP BLAINE OFF HIS FEET.

  1. bookworm221b said: OR can we put Blaine and Kurt in movies that don’t really have a female love interest? Can we put them in The A-Team,The Losers, The Expendables? Can we put them action movies where bromances are awesome? Can they be Holmes & Watson?Kurt is Sherlock.
  2. allisonchayya said: i still have kurt slated as ren for the footloose AU i’m tentatively planning
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